TEST 90.3

TEST 90.3 FM, The Voice of Foo Community College, Barton PA, USA

Imagine this were a radio station's home page. When you click "On-air" or "Programs" in the top nav then you get a page of live content from Spinitron, e.g. a current playlist or program calendar. From there you can navigate to all the other live Spinitron pages for the station including all other playlists, DJ pages and show pages. And on any of those pages you can get back to this home page via the other links in the top nav or footer. Next try the links in the drawer on the left which you open with the hamburger ☰ button in the top-left.

As you navigate, note that this page is on www.testradio.org while the pages with live Spinitron content come from programs.testradio.org, which is in fact an alias for spinitron.com. To accomplish this, (a) you set up a CNAME in the DNS settings for your domain, and (b) Spinitron provisions a virtual host for that CNAME in Spinitron's web servers. This optional extra feature means that the live Spinitron pages have a URL in your domain rather than in spinitron.com.

Read more in the forum topic about using a custom layout. Source code for this page and the corresponding custom layout are in a Github repo. Feel free to ask a question in the forum or contact Spinitron for support.

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Note how the links generated by this widget have programs.testradio.org in their URLs rather than spinitron.com. To accomplish this you have to be using a custom layout and a custom server name (CNAME, see above) and set data-layout="1" on the widget container tag.

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